Check Engine Light Keeps Coming On And Smell Strong Fuel Fumes From Exhaust

I have a 1996 toyota camry that i bought 2 months ago. (2.2L engine.)
I had a check engine light come on recently. I took it to Aamco and they ran a diagnostic test for free. They said “it was misfiring in 6 areas and it needs a major tune up.” I decided to do it myself and save $$$. I did a good job. I replaced spark plugs, wires, PCV valve, air filter,distributor cab and rotor. I did each spark plug(gapped) and wire one at a time. After job was completed. Check engine light still on. Then changed air filter and PCV valve. Nothing. Then I change distributor cap and rotor. Bingo! The check engine light went off! My car ran great for two weeks. Then today i was driving and the “check engine light” comes back on! I smell strong odor of fumes from exhaust pipe. Maybe needs fuel injectors cleaned professionally? I think thats a waste of money. Could it be oxygen sensors? Mass Air flow meter? Fuel filter? Gas cap. I’m tired of wasting my money. I need help please.

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