Changing Spark Plugs On A 99 Pontiac Montana

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Does anyone know how or an easy way to change the rear spark plugs on a 99 Pontiac Montana?

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    1. peteryoung144 says:

      Newer cars are frequently the victims of exceedingly tight engine compartments, however it can be done. Often times on an application such as your i would recommend trying to come through the bottom of the car while it is safely jacked up or on a life and attempt to remove the plugs from below. If that dosent work, attempt to use varying sizes of ratchet extenders and find the right combination through trial and error.

    2. Johnny says:

      I had the same problem with a Lumina, remove those dog bones (motor torque struts) that hang from the top of the radiator to the front side of the motor. Take them all the way off if you want. With those off , push the van forward ( while in park) and the motor will move forward a few inches for more clearance from the fire wall. I was able to put a piece of wood( small 2X4) in between the fire wall and the valve cover to keep the car from rocking back. You can also block the wheels if someone else can keep the car from rocking back. If the wires have never been off, they will most likely break. There isn’t enough room or long enough arm to get them from the bottom of the van. The plugs and plug boots sit deep in the valley between the exhaust manifold , I taped the extension and spark plug socket together so they would not separate after I got the plugs back in. Remember … at a time every time.