Changing A Valve Cover Gasket 2000 Dodge Stratus

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How hard is it to change a valve cover gasket on a 3.0 doch. Its a stratus, I looked anb the distributor is up there does it come out too? please help cant afford $70. or $90. an hour need to do my self. I have some no how.

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    1. Jennifer B says:

      it shouldn’t be Very hard to replace it you might have to disconnect a few other parts, but it should be pretty easy to replace.There are probably only about 8 to 10 bolts holding the cover on. The only thing you really need to know when putting it back together is the torque specifications because if you do not get that right you could crack the cover, and it could leak.

    2. MIKE S says:

      im not familiar with this particular engine but you might have 2 disconnect a few cables or wires and of course the air filter housing. be very care full when taking the bolts out since everything is ALUMINIUM when you remove the cover this is the best time 2 really clean the top and inside of the cover. if the outside of the case is a little rusty take some fine sandpaper and remove the rust. take a scrapper and gently take off the oldgasket on the cover and on the surface on the engine. get a gasket if available and a tube of blue silicone. i always put silicone on the gasket that will keep the gasket in place. make sure all the bolt holes line up. put the top on and put put the bolts on in a criss cross system so the top will tighten evenly. do not overtighten or the bolts will snap. usually snug the bolts and then give them a 1/8th turn. put everything back and check 4 any leaks. check a few days later for leaks and if there is give the bolts another 1/8th turn. i hope this helps you good luck mike.