Car Wont Start. Just Makes A Click Noise

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In a 91 tempo….i already replaced the starter, solenoid, and distributor module about 6 months ago… It died when i was driving it…started back up..ran hard. then died again..did the same thing again, right before the check engine light came on and did’nt start at all….i hooked up the jumper cables, and charged the’s getting spark… i was thinking the timing belt?..its only one click when you turn the doesn’t keep clicking… but wont turn over at all.
What does it sound like to you?..and if it is a timing hard is it to replace on a 4 cylinder, and how much would it cost if i did it myself?
thanks for your help.
would a bad timing belt cause it to die…start back up …die again..then not start at all?

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    1. Robert E. L says:

      Sounds like a blown motor

    2. Lab says:

      First, I don’t believe you have a timing belt, I think you have a timing chain (I could be wrong, haven’t seen a Tempo in years) If it is broken or jammed, the starter won’t turn over the engine. If possible, try turning over the engine with a long extension, through the drivers side wheel well and on the main pulley. If you cant turn it, the starter won’t be able to either.

    3. Dodge Man says:

      That doesn’t sound like a timing belt but more like a bad connection or a very weak or dead battery that’s not accepting a charge from the other battery when you try and jump start it,if the timing belt broke then it would make a click sound because it could have jammed against a valve and not be letting the engine turn over like it should,if that’s the case throes more involved than just replacing the timing belt,you may have a few bent valves also,if it jumped a notch or two on timing that still wouldn’t stop it from trying to turn over,you may have a fuel delivery problem with it if it starts then dies out,good luck,

    4. Truckin727 says:

      If it was a bad timing belt, it would not have restarted..

      the check engine light came on because it died. if its getting spark then the computer is probably ok. i think i would have a scanner run the engine codes on the computer. that will tell you why it stalled. i would also try to turn the motor by hand to see if its locked up. with the key off, grab the belt and pull it to try to turn the motor over.
      the loud click sounds like it may be a starter trying to engage, but not turning the engine over.

      Also check your battery cables, and make sure your connections are tight and not corroded.

    5. Ardong 241 says:

      I had a problem like this one tine it turned out to be the earth cable was badly corroded & almost broke at the end where it attached on to the body of the car.

    6. Bandit_60 says:

      It could be the battery terminals dirty or loose or just a bad battery. if it was the timing belt then it would,nt have started the second time.