Car Wont Start. Just Makes A Click Noise

In a 91 tempo….i already replaced the starter, solenoid, and distributor module about 6 months ago… It died when i was driving it…started back up..ran hard. then died again..did the same thing again, right before the check engine light came on and did’nt start at all….i hooked up the jumper cables, and charged the’s getting spark… i was thinking the timing belt?..its only one click when you turn the doesn’t keep clicking… but wont turn over at all.
What does it sound like to you?..and if it is a timing hard is it to replace on a 4 cylinder, and how much would it cost if i did it myself?
thanks for your help.
would a bad timing belt cause it to die…start back up …die again..then not start at all?

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