Car Still Overheating With A New Water Pump, Thermostat

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Recently my car overheated on my way to work, and so I decided to give it some much needed TLC.

I have replaced all in the last week:
Spark Plugs
Distributor Cap + Rotor
Timing Belt

Related to the cooling system:
Water Pump

And the heater still blows hot air so I believe the heater core is fine. Unfortunately even after a couple of radiator flushes the car continues to overheat. I’m considering replacing the radiator because I think it might have too much debris inside to flow properly.

I used ZEREX Radiator Super Cleaner but was only able to acheive an hour and a half of driving before my car would not be able to drive anymore. (Supposed to be 3 hours, car temperature began to escalate far beyond what I’m confortable with) I also used ZEREX Radiator Super Flush to no avail.

Any suggestions?

Car info:
Toyota Camry DX 1991
3S-FE Engine 2.0L I4 1998cc
244,500 miles
The fans are still working.
The radiator cap was replaced and is still overheating.
The car was fixed. It doesn’t overheat at all. We replaced the radiator and it works fine now. We also found out that the timing was advanced too far when we installed the timing belt. It was 20 degrees when it says to put it on 10. So I put it on about 10-11 degrees.

Thanks for all of your answers everyone.

I hope this will help someone else out too if they ever have a problem.

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    1. darrin b says:

      is your cooling fan working? my guess is it isnt and thats why you overheat. theres a thermal switch for the fan… that may be bad or your cooling fan motor could be bad

    2. pais_ano says:

      Check to make sure your radiator cooling fans are coming on. Also when you say your car overheats are you going by the gauge in the dash or is it actually bubbling over? Might be as simple as a new radiator cap (not allowing the pressure to build up) coolant temp sender or switch. (should be in the block), or your fans might not be coming on.

    3. virgil says:

      Take the thermostat out

    4. flea says:

      If your fan is operating.. check to see if the water is circulating. Leave the cap off the radiator and bring up to temp..If it is not, you may have a vapor lock in the system, and will have to bleed the air out.

    5. ezachowski says:

      Check the electric cooling fan to make sure it works correctly. Also check your drive-belt for the water pump and alternator it may not be tensioned correctly or may be stretched.

    6. gsxerrider1000 says:

      Cooling systems are simple. There are only a few things you need to know to work a cooling system.

      1 – Cooling systems consist of only a few parts. Thermostat, radiator, fan, and water pump.

      2 – is it visually leaking? if yes fix leak.

      3 – It is never the thermostat but it is a couple bucks so change it.

      4 – is the water pump pumping. This is usually not the issue and the last thing to replace. Not to mention it is the most difficult to get to so do it last.

      5 – is the fan working?

      6 – Usually it is the radiator itself. The radiator is pressurized and if there is a pin hole leak your car will slowly overheat. It usually takes an hour or so of driving.

      Also many people like stop leak and use it as a solution when it is really a band aid. Many times people will find that they have reduced water flow because the previous owner used stop leak in the radiator.

      Take the radiator out and take it to a radiator shop. Have them pressure test it and inspect it. Your problem is likely in the radiator.

    7. inmytree says:

      I agree with GSX’s list.

      I would also add, you may have a bad head gasket. A compression check would confirm or deny…

      good luck..