Car Still Overheating With A New Water Pump, Thermostat

Recently my car overheated on my way to work, and so I decided to give it some much needed TLC.

I have replaced all in the last week:
Spark Plugs
Distributor Cap + Rotor
Timing Belt

Related to the cooling system:
Water Pump

And the heater still blows hot air so I believe the heater core is fine. Unfortunately even after a couple of radiator flushes the car continues to overheat. I’m considering replacing the radiator because I think it might have too much debris inside to flow properly.

I used ZEREX Radiator Super Cleaner but was only able to acheive an hour and a half of driving before my car would not be able to drive anymore. (Supposed to be 3 hours, car temperature began to escalate far beyond what I’m confortable with) I also used ZEREX Radiator Super Flush to no avail.

Any suggestions?

Car info:
Toyota Camry DX 1991
3S-FE Engine 2.0L I4 1998cc
244,500 miles
The fans are still working.
The radiator cap was replaced and is still overheating.
The car was fixed. It doesn’t overheat at all. We replaced the radiator and it works fine now. We also found out that the timing was advanced too far when we installed the timing belt. It was 20 degrees when it says to put it on 10. So I put it on about 10-11 degrees.

Thanks for all of your answers everyone.

I hope this will help someone else out too if they ever have a problem.

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