Can Someone Tell Me What’s Wrong With My Car Ac

My car starting doing this a while ago. I can turn on the ac and it will blow just fine but if the car sits for about 10-15 seconds it will switch to the air just blowing but the air is not cold. If I start driving the car again it will switch back to cold but as soon as I get to a 10-15 second stop it will do the same thing. I had someone check it and they said it was the compressor. So, I bought the compressor and had someone else put it on for me but it still does the same thing. Now my car’s coolant light is on and someone else is saying the my fan motor and relay is bad. I would take it to the dealership but I just finished paying off the car about two months ago and my warranty expired. I am trying not to spend so much money to get it fixed but, it seems that I am doing that anyways. Just wanted some opinions before I go to last resort…taking it to the dealership. Oh yea, just to know I have a 1999 Chev. Cavalier.
Thanks Mark, the guy that I took the car to today said that the fan was not blowing…thus the reason that my car is now running hot and the coolant light is on. I was not able to be there when the guy actually told me that the fan was not blowing but I will check when I get it this afternoon.

For a while it was doing fine until I went to idle but now it just completely goes hot…do you know why?

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