Can Someone Tell Me What’s Wrong With My Car Ac

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My car starting doing this a while ago. I can turn on the ac and it will blow just fine but if the car sits for about 10-15 seconds it will switch to the air just blowing but the air is not cold. If I start driving the car again it will switch back to cold but as soon as I get to a 10-15 second stop it will do the same thing. I had someone check it and they said it was the compressor. So, I bought the compressor and had someone else put it on for me but it still does the same thing. Now my car’s coolant light is on and someone else is saying the my fan motor and relay is bad. I would take it to the dealership but I just finished paying off the car about two months ago and my warranty expired. I am trying not to spend so much money to get it fixed but, it seems that I am doing that anyways. Just wanted some opinions before I go to last resort…taking it to the dealership. Oh yea, just to know I have a 1999 Chev. Cavalier.
Thanks Mark, the guy that I took the car to today said that the fan was not blowing…thus the reason that my car is now running hot and the coolant light is on. I was not able to be there when the guy actually told me that the fan was not blowing but I will check when I get it this afternoon.

For a while it was doing fine until I went to idle but now it just completely goes hot…do you know why?

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    1. Windlancer says:

      buy a new car

    2. ixoxoerk says:

      You more then likely just need to get your AC re-charged. It only cost around 20 dollars.

    3. gsxerrider1000 says:

      Don’t go to the dealer, try to find a good mechanic that is recommended. Dealers are not the best or the cheapest unless its under warrenty.

      Oh and it is NOT the AC needs recharging. If it blows cold then warm. Not to mention it was re-charged when the compressor was replaced.

      I agree with the guy below me.

    4. mark32937 says:

      It’s won’t be expensive – have your cooling fan looked at and correct the problem. This cools both your A/C system and your engine, it’s very important to do it soon. Driving fast forces air through the condenser and radiator but you need the fan to force air through while sitting still. It’s unfortunate someone told you the compressor was bad.

      From your description the problem is obvious. Your A/C is not leaking. You can easily test it – does the big fan between the radiator and engine come on? I already know it doesn’t. Good Luck!

      Update – hopefully you just had some coolant overflow from the excessive heating, and you can replace it (be sure to add the right kind, your mechanic will know). Worse would be a damaged thermostat, worst is a cooked water pump. The worse it gets the more expensive, but at least you are on the road to recovery. All the best Jazz.

      Do you mean instead that the AC goes completely hot? Heat exchange from the radiator into the condensor could prevent the phase change that makes the A/C cool. The fan would prevent this. Remember, the more you operate the car without a cooling fan, the more engine damage is occuring! If you must drive the car, turn the heat on HI and roll down the windows. It won’t be comfortable right now but the heater core and in-dash blower motor can be your back-up cooling system in an emergency.

    5. fastivagerg says:

      Actually is sounds like your ac refrigerant may be low. See what happens is when they make your car they charge your A/C system with refrigerant at the factory and yours may have leaked out some how so u may want to have it checked for leaks and if that is your problem tthen you’ll have to fix the leak then have the system recharged. How would this affect your A/C like you said? well if your charge is low then at low engine speed there isnt enough refrigerant to efficiently cool the air. Now as u start moving the compressor is pumping faster so it can make up for the loss in volume. I hope this helps you out

    6. quest lover says:

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    7. mrharris32 says:

      This is an interesting question…maybe one of the more intriguing questions I’ve answered on this site.

      Firstly, don’t ditch the car…if it’s a 99 and has been taken care of chances are you still have many miles left under the hood. The air conditioning problem could be related to a few different items but after years of diagnosing A/C issues (something I really don’t like doing) :) I can assure you that you have a leak.

      The leak could be in any location in the tubing or at any fitting in the system. The new compressor makes no difference if the system cannot keep a stable pressurized enviornment.

      Unfortunately unless you’re pretty good with cars fixing this problem isn’t going to be easy. The dealer may be the best bet if you don’t know of a respectable shop in town. Have them check the system for leaks, they inject a dye that will turn bright green if it leaks out anywhere. The repair cost after the leak is found should be minimal. The leak test itself should be no more than $20.00

      Onto the low coolant light. Firstly….top off the coolant!!! This light is referring to the level of coolant in the radiator, it has nothing to do with your A/C. If it’s never been flushed and filled chances are you’re just low and a simple refill will turn the light off and put the system back to normal operating conditions.

      I’d recommend having it flushed in filled however. An 8 year old car definetely needs to have this done. The debris that builds up over time is immense and the effectiveness of the coolant drops as the years go by. Most shops will perform this service for $40-$60.

      Hope this helps!

    8. Bruce L says:

      most probably a very simple and common problem. it sounds like the radiator cooling fan motor has gone bad. the motor can be purchased at most auto parts stores for about $45.00 or less. someone with a small amount of mechanical experience can replace it, it’s pretty straight forward. good luck, and find a good shop to go to when you have a problem and don’t rely on friends who think they know about cars and you won’t waste money replacing things you don’t need.