Can Bad Spark Plugs Cause A Car To Quit Running

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People are suggesting that we replace spark plugs, our 97 chevy blazer has been running rough, and sputtering. But now it just won’t start. It is trying to turn over, but no go.
The car just died on us on the highway one day. Not the battery, and not the fuel pump (we replaced it).

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    1. Klonji says:


    2. HandyManiac says:

      yes it is posible, i would replace the distrubuter cap and rotor too

    3. Devon says:

      the spark plugs can do and there are cheap to replace

    4. bustersmycat says:

      if the sparkers are fried, you get no ignition, so yes. Usually this is a sort of progressive failure over time. Often you would hear and feel that one of the cylinders was missing well before total failure (that is the rough running maybe that you refer to). But it could also be a timing problem or a leaky electrical ignition (sometimes the cables short out to the motor rather than sending the pulse straight to the plugs). In my experience, an electrical bleed like that is often more noticible in cool humid conditions (like the car just plain has trouble starting when temperatures are a little above freezing, or on foggy days, that sort of thing).

      So, if you are going to change the plugs, change the cables and fix the distributor. Have the timing checked.

      I am not a mechanic but I have had a lot of older cars in my time, and the sort of thing you describe is fairly common with older cars.

    5. Mr. KnowItAll says:

      It’s possible, but not likely.

      Find or buy some carburetor cleaner, or starting fluid.
      Remove the air filter.
      Spray some into the intake and start it.
      If it starts and dies, you still have a fuel supply issue.
      If it doesn’t start, you have a spark issue.

      Try that and get back with us.

    6. bandit_60 says:

      they sure can ! once they get bad then they can,t fire right. if might be the fuel filter will make it sputter and stop on you if it gets dirty enough. you might want to check on that too. until you get a new filter take it off and put a piece of 3/8 gas hose on it with 2 screw clamps.

    7. Impalaman62 says:

      They would have to be really bad, if you decide to replace them, only use the OE AC Delco.