Can Bad Ignition Coil Cause Stalling At Stop Lights

About 4 months ago my car started having this problem; whenever I came to a stop light my car would shudder and stall in 3-5 seconds. If I shifted to neutral immediately it would not stall. So I brought my car to a local shop and he told me my problem is probably is the distributor, and needs to be changed. Then I wanted to have a second opinion and brought it to a Midas shop and they told me car needs a tune-up and the fuel filter needed to be changed. I said fine and paid $370. About two months ago the problem returned with slighter symptoms, I took it to the same shop and they quickly fixed saying there was a broken hose, and they didn’t charge for it. A couple of days ago car started stalling at stop lights again, and this time they claim that the coil is breaking down and asked for $300+ for fixing. I don’t think I will pay this much. Before I buy the part and install it myself, I would like to make sure ignition coil is the problem and needs to be replaced.
Or should I replace the distributor? (as far as I know the ignition coil is in the distributor).
It is a Corolla 93 with automatic transmission

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