Can Bad Ignition Coil Cause Stalling At Stop Lights

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About 4 months ago my car started having this problem; whenever I came to a stop light my car would shudder and stall in 3-5 seconds. If I shifted to neutral immediately it would not stall. So I brought my car to a local shop and he told me my problem is probably is the distributor, and needs to be changed. Then I wanted to have a second opinion and brought it to a Midas shop and they told me car needs a tune-up and the fuel filter needed to be changed. I said fine and paid $370. About two months ago the problem returned with slighter symptoms, I took it to the same shop and they quickly fixed saying there was a broken hose, and they didn’t charge for it. A couple of days ago car started stalling at stop lights again, and this time they claim that the coil is breaking down and asked for $300+ for fixing. I don’t think I will pay this much. Before I buy the part and install it myself, I would like to make sure ignition coil is the problem and needs to be replaced.
Or should I replace the distributor? (as far as I know the ignition coil is in the distributor).
It is a Corolla 93 with automatic transmission

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    1. Big E says:

      yes it could, it very well may be that. ask your friends about a trusty mechanic that won’t rob you

    2. 77Impala says:

      What make car and what year? If an older Chevy with the HEI ignitions system I will be able to look up the test for the coil.

      On the Toyota Corolla might check a Haynes or Chilton’s repair manual on how to test the coil to be sure it is the problem or it will give other items to check to. And the manual will help later with other problems that develop in the future.

    3. manbearpig! says:

      If it’s an automatic, it’s a transmission problem, your clutch inside the tranny isn’t fully disengaging at idle rpm’s. Coil and distributor deal with the ignition and spark plugs (probably doesn’t matter), fuel filter doesn’t matter unless your filter is blocking fuel flow (which doesn’t fit the symptoms), and a broken hose would be the worst at high rpm’s not idle. Unfortunately, some mechanics are unethical & try to get you to fix unnecessary stuff to get more money.

    4. King TJ15 says:

      First going to Midas is ur problem…they charge u toooooooooo much and the diagnoses is incorrect…if u happen to live in Florida around the Lee County area call Japanese Auto Imports…they r very reliable…(1-239) 574-3300 if not still call and ask 4 Larry he will try to help u out and if he cant tell him the area u live in and he might be able 2 give u a good mechanic…GOOD LUCK!…!…!…hope it helped…a bad ignition coil is probably the problem

    5. Mary Jo W says:


    6. lroc06 says:

      Yes sir it can, and it can cause your car to cut off at stop lights too or whenever you are slowing down.