Can A Bad Distributor Cap Cause A Misfire

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Plugs were replaced a few months ago realized cap was bad, could be bad plugs CAP caused to malfunction? CAP has been modified, not plugs. still skips.

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    1. bungee says:

      yes it can

    2. gravel128 says:

      Yes, replace the rotor too….most people replace all these parts at once to prevent what happened to you. cap, rotor, plugs, and wires..

    3. ezachowski says:

      Most certainly.

    4. Larry E says:

      You might want to replace the plug wires too. They can also go bad. A bad cap will not ruin the spark plugs.Check the firing order to be sure a couple of wires aren’t crossed. Good luck.

    5. John Paul says:

      OK let me guess? Bring out the crystal ball? Year make and model please? Almost any newer car late 90’s and up when you replace the spark plugs for the first time over 60,000 miles and pull on crispy cracked plug wires you will cause a misfire. A complete tune up should always include all the secondary ignition parts from the coil to the plugs, Cap Rotor Plugs and Spark plug wires with Coil wire. and while the spark plugs were removed a compression test just to be sure that everything is still OK inside the motor.

    6. lar says:

      the other respondents said, “yes it can.” But what I want you to do is look at the cap and understand what would cause a misfire. Generally a crack in the cap, which is visible to the naked eye, will cause the spark to jump and cause a misfire. What is sounds like you have done is just done the ole “its not running right so I’ll start by replacing.” You may eventually find the cause of the problem. If its a 96 or better, plug your obd II sensor in and find exactly which plug is skipping and the concentrate on the isssue instead of skipping all over. You can buy an obd II sensor at harbor frieght for 40 bucks or wallmart for 50+ bucks.

    7. Dan0 says:

      You changed the cap. Did you also change the rotor if so equipped. Were the plug wires connected to the cap in the same order as before? Have you checked for broken wires?

      I once had an older car and when I lifted the hood after dark with the engine running, the plug wires were leaking so badly it looked like a light show. I was surprised that it ran at all.

    8. tracer1masta says:

      start your engine when its dark preferably at night time check your engine if you see spark coming out of high tension wires replace them, if you see it on the coil you can use super glue to seal it until you are ready to replace that.