Bosch Platinum 2 Spark Plugs Known To Cause Damage

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I have a 2005 Police interceptor. Ive always either used motorcraft or autolite spark plugs and it ran smooth. I one decided to use Bosch platinum 2 spark plugs and it ran horribly. After to took them out and switched them with motorcraft platinums, it ran better but still rough. Are the Bosch plugs to blame for this?

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    1. Mad Jack says:

      The only time a spark plug would cause damage is if the incorrect plug for the application was used. I.E. the incorrect heat range, incorrect length, etc.

      If the Bosch plug was the correct plug for this engine it is highly unlikely this caused any damage.

      Are you certain that the plugs are correctly gapped? Double check your reference. Double check your work.

      Did you change the plug wires when you changed the plugs? You may have a failing plug wire. You may have damaged an old plug wire when you removed it.

      Are you absolutely certain that you got the plug wires back in the correct firing order. A V8 will still run with a pair of plug wires switched, it just may run like crap. Even though you think you got it right, double check your work. Your solution could be that simple.

      A couple of other tips. I always put a small amount of anti seize compound on the spark plug threads. In time the steel spark plug threads will seize to the aluminum heads. Next time you remove the plugs you could damage the threads in the head.

      I also put a dab of dielectric grease in the spark plug wire boots. Once you get it running right it may be years before you remove another spark plug wire. In this time the plug wires will get stuck to the spark plugs. You may damage the plug wires next time you remove them. A dab of dielectric grease will also seal out moisture.

      Personally I use the same platinum plugs that came from the factory in my cars. GM uses platinum plugs in their cars. The factory platinum plugs are good for at least 100,000 miles. That’s good enough for me.

    2. Dick Car Guy says:

      None of my gm products worked on platinum plugs either, send them back they are garbage as far as I am concerned, overpriced to boot. and did not live up to their own standards, put motorcraft regular oem spark plugs in and vehicle should run fine. In reality, since the lead is no longer in gasoline, spark plugs last much longer now with unleaded fuel. so expect to only occasionally to change the spark plugs.