Black Spark Plugs Is That An O2 Sensor Going Bad

1986 RS Camaro? We have checked and replace just about everything, First the converter would glow red, so we put a new one on it, still after a few mins it would start to glow red, so we check the plugs, drivers side are perfect, passenger side were covered in sut. So we changed the computer, did nothing, check the vacuum they were fine, the compression was good, and the gas pressure was normal. What’s wrong with it?
ok here’s what i have done to the car. We changed the converter, checked compression, and gas and all that, changed the computer. And the injectors were good. The car would run for a few seconds and then quit. But when i changed the convertor it would run but you could tell something was still wrong, so we check the distributer cap it was fine. Then we started checking the injectors and they were fine and then it just quit running. So i figured it was the battery, i have it on charge now and will check when i get home. I have not checked every Vacuum line in the engine, it’s a 2.8 V6 by the way. The Exhaust is dual with one convertor and muffler connecting in the back. We checked the vacuum lines that were (easy to get to) upfront, I am not a mechanic so the names i am really clueless. I am getting ready to take it to another shop and let them go over it with a fine tooth comb. Any other idea’s?

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