Any Ideas On How To Get Rusted Spark Plugs Out

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I’m helping my mom change her spark plugs. She owns a 2001 Mercury Villager, and the plugs are the originals. They are pretty rusted in and I need help getting them out. I did some research and was told that soaking them in a penetrating fluid overnight and blowing out all the rust and crud beforehand should do the trick. Any better ideas out there? Thanks!

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    1. chevystepside1975 says:

      shouldnt be a problem they should come right out if not the penetrating oil is ur best bet

    2. Alex says:

      soaking them is about the best thing you can do just make sure you remove the oil after you replace the plugs it’s pretty close to the exhaust manifold might smoke if you don’t remove it

    3. baldie says:

      get yourself a can of pb blaster and spray around them, walk away and have a cup of coffee or something and let the blaster do its job, they will come out.

    4. Stoner says:

      oil,a small drop will do. WD-40 will may try a breaker bar,or slide the boxed end of a wrench over the rachet for extra leverage,that may help yee

    5. dazed&confused says:

      As all the other have said.. Oil’s yer best bet. But be forewarned. Don’t try to force it. If it feels like it’s twisting apart or is too hard, stop and take it to a professional mechanic. If it breaks off at the base, while rare, it will require removing the head of the engine, which is what they’re screwed into. It’s VERY expensive and an extensive job.

    6. CARL G H says:

      yep if it will start run the car about 15 minutes shut it off and then spray the lube at the base of the plugs. it will be a pain but start removing them while its cooling down. they should move freely or a hell of a lot freer. get some antiseeze and put it on the threads (sparingly) of the new plugs before you install them to avoid this next time. ps I have a free web sight ^(

    7. john rmomanchenko says:

      spray the spark plug with wd-40 or liquid wrench to loose it. then get a 19 mm. ratchet and try to unscrew it. if it doesn’t get off hit it a little. there you go! also use good fresh spark plugs