98 Honda Civic EX TDC Signal OBD2 P1362

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My civic was throwing code p1362 ( TDC no signal) a while back. I replaced the whole distributor (oem) and the problem was solved. A couple months later i had my timing belt changed (honda dealer belt service, since my car needed it anyways and the timing just didn’t seem right). That was about 2 months ago. Now my car is throwing the same code. I am going to replace the plugs and wires. But i have no idea why this would come back. Bad distributor? Could something have gone wrong when they changed the timing belt and water pump?
Today, while i was at a stoplight, the car RPM dropped and the car stalled.

Any thoughts?

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    1. loaslostnfound says:

      yea there is this thing called a coil and it sounds like yours is on its last leg i would have that checked

    2. mattyboi says:

      first of all if the TDC engine code comes up, then it means its NOT top dead center. i would take it back to honda, maybe it jumped a tooth or the distributor was not installed correctly. what i mean is the rotor in the dizzy needs to be at the exact same place when you took it off. spark plugs is not going to fix your problem dont waste your money. if you are a do it yourself person look it up online and it will go step by step how to do it, but if you dont have patience just take it to the dealer or a tech. the dealer should still cover warranty over 2 month period. by the way if the coil was out the car wont start. i gaurentee you that its NOT TDC.

    3. jose o says:

      P1362 code looks familiar. I ran into the same OBD2 scan code with my ’98 Civic which led to the distributor. The official Honda Civic Service manual illustrates and provides step by step troubleshooting guides for each scan code. After changing my distributor, the problem hasn’t returned since over a half a year ago.

      The timing belt and water pump are on the other side of the engine and really don’t have a direct correlation to the distributor so it’s unlikely that the change caused the error to resurface.

      The only difference was that I purchased my distributor from the local auto parts store (cheapest brand) so if you used the same (oem) that carries the same defects, it might explain the repeat performance.

      Also, the 1st time P1362 error code came on, I had my air conditioning on at full blast. If the heat within the distributors mixed with moisture produced from the running AC causes potential shorts at the coil or electrical components/harneses within the distributors are true, that may also explain why mine hasn’t gone bad again; I learned not to use my AC as often as I used to.

      Good luck!