96 S10 Blazer Has Spark To Distributor Cap But None Out

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My brother in law has a 96 s10 blazer and it has spark coming out of the coil, to the distributor cap, but nothing coming out to the spark plugs. He has replaced the distributor cap, rotor, plugs, wires, ignition module, coil, cam sensor. doesn’t make sense to me so i thought i could get others opinions. thanks
the module under the rotor has been replaced, the guys at napa called it a cam sensor, if that is not the name for it, then the cam sensor hasn’t been replaced. Thanks for your comments though….. hope to find the problem

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    1. Kenneth S says:

      if the cap and rotor are good it’s the module in the distributor

    2. Dale (aka drc40m) says:

      some if not all General motors distributor’s have a pick up coil in it below the rotor sounds like it might have went out have it checked ………ok if it has power going too the distributor ((check the wires going to the distributor not the spark plug wires one of thoughs wires should be a hot wire 12 volts)) and not going out to the spark plugs while cranking first take off the distributor cap have some one crank the engine and see if the rotor is turning ((if not the timing chain is broke or the gear on the bottom of the distributor is broke)). if the rotor turns in the distributor under the cap is a rotor there is a ignition module ..and the pick up coil that is in the lower end of the distributor (which you have to take the gear off the bottom of the distributor and remove the shaft to change)if he has changed both of them have him check for a broken wire in side the distributor… hope this helps

    3. duck4th says:

      check with two spark testers at the same time and see if it sparks during the cranking cycle.. the pick-up coil under the rotor controls spark along with the module until the computer takes over ..you may have a computed spark problem as a last resort ….