96 Plymouth Voyager Stalled And Will Not Start Again.

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After driving in the rain for an hour as I was turning right into a parking lot the motor stalled and would not start again. I checked oil found it needed a quart “light did not turn on” after letting it sit for half hour it still did’nt turn on.Mechanic did electronic scan it showed it needs ignition coil but after repacing with new part it still will not start .If anyone can help I would appreciate it.
Thanks for responses. Duster where are the resisters located?

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    1. duster says:

      Chrysler Corp at one time, and still does, use a power resister to limite voltage to the coil packs, and even washer motor, altornator, and cooling fans.
      Those resisters will fail completely with out notice, or prior troubles. they are simple to change and cost only a few bucks.
      Thing usually is, after every thing else has been changed, and you have payed out a lot o funds, all of a sudden, some one at the garage will suddenly remember that resister, change it, and all is well again.

      The resesters usually are white in color, made out of ceramic, because they do get quite hot and look like a oblong square sort of.

    2. Country Boy says:

      Borrow an induction timing light. Hook the two small wires to the battery and clamp the large induction alligator clamp on any ignition wire. Instruct a friend to crank the motor 5-10 seconds while you squeeze the trigger on the timing light. If the timing light does not flash you’re not getting spark to the plugs.

      If you don’t have a timing light remove a spark plug and reconnect the wire to the plug. Have someone attempt to start the car while while you hold the spark plug threads to a clean ground. Have someone attempt to start the car. If you see no fire across the spark plug terminals you have a module problem. If you see a spark, dump two 12 oz. bottles of isopropyl alcohol in your gas tank (gas line antifreeze). You may have gotten water in your gas tank. Good luck with your project

    3. notaclue says:

      Check your ICM! If the coil burnt out it probably fried the ICM.