96 Accord 4cyl. F22B2, Hard To Start 5 Seconds Of Cranks Or So When The Fuel Tank Is Low.

My car is 1996 Honda Accord 4cyl. (F22B2 non-VTEC). When the fuel tank is over half full, the car starts fine.

When the fuel tank is less than half full, the car has to crank for about 5 sec or so to get it started. The

less the fuel in the tank the longer it requires to crank in order to start the car.

Also in cold days it needs several cranks to start too. So the worst situation is when the tank is nearly empty

and I try to start the car in winter morning.

1.Clogged Fuel filter
2.Leaking Fuel injector
3.Spark plugs/ignition wires
4.Bad Distributor/Distributor cap
5.Bad Fuel/Ignition/Engine Main relay
6.Vaccum line leakage
7.Faulty fuel pressure regulator
8.Faulty fuel pump (not enough fuel for lubricating the pump?)l
8.Coolant temperature sensor
9.Ground wire
Someone suggested me to take some pics of my engine bay to show how bad the situation is, here they are: http://tinyurl.com/f3ac7
I noticed that there are some oil/gas stain on the fuel rail, distrbutor base, engine head but I don’t know if this affects anything sine they were there the day I bought this car (157,000miles currently, 136,000miles when I got it) however the low-tank-hard-to-start problem only caught my attention a month ago. Any suggestions are very much appreciated.

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