2002 KIA Sedona How Do I Change Spark Plugs And Wires

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Its a 2002 kia sedona DOHC.v6 i cant see where the spark plugs are at how do i change them. its time. please help.

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    1. Christin R says:

      look under the intake manifold

    2. Joe J says:

      An 02 kia sedona van with a v6 hmm the spark plugs or under the plastic shroud three on each head they may have a separate coil on each one if this is this case a ten millimeter screw holds the coil down on the plug once out is removed the plug can be taken out with a 5/8 socket and extension on your ratchet the head closer to the front will be easy the one closer to the fire wall wi be a little more difficult and dont forget to gap your spark plugs unless u purchase NGK spark plugs these or pre gapped and also recommended for the kia…