2000 Chevrolet Impala Heat/vent/ac Runs On High With The Engine Off

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I have a 2000 Chevy Impala w/162,000 miles. Recently the “Service Traction Control System” and “ABS” lights have come on. Traction control does not work, neither do the anti-lock brakes. Also, when I turned the defroster on it later would not turn off, even with the engine off and the keys taken out of the ignition. It continues to run on high, and I am unable to switch to A/C. I went to the dealer today and they pulled a fuse out of the passenger side dashboard area and this temporarily fixed the problem. Does any one know what this problem may be?? Thanks all.

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    1. Dan says:

      Your blower resistor is shorted out. you need to replace this. it is behind the blower motor, this is a common problem

    2. Polkan47 says:

      The problem is in Heater/AC Control Unit at the dash.When you’ll do proper diagnostic,problem will be there.Good luck.

    3. G M says:

      There should be no power to the resistor or dash switches with the key off.
      The contacts in the blower relay are welded closed.
      Check the schematic.