1999 Ford Ranger That Won’t Turn Over, Maybe The Security System I Need A Truck Bad10 Points To Solution.

Hi I have a 1999 Ford Ranger. It will crank but not turn over.

It has the original key, computer, sensors are good, computers are good (all the electronic modules were checked by a professional), I know the fuel pump works as it whirs when you turn the key, starter runs well, checked all fuses and relays, battery is good.

When I turn the ignition to ON the lights come on and everything is normal. I go to crank it and it sounds great when cranking BUT JUST WON’T START >< A mechanic told me that the security system can cause this problem. The radio has been taken out by the previous owner. Is there a theft light anywhere? If so, is it supposed to be in the radio or in the cluster? Please help with this, it's my only ride at the moment. A SURE 10 points to whoever can help me figure this out. Thanks. I will gladly add any details that yall need to know in order to figure this out.

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