1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo Just Stopped In The Middle Of Driving.

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I drove my Jeep and it just stopped. I have a new battery, new ignition coil, new distributor cap with the rotor. All the lights work, the radio, turn signals, etc. It makes a whirring noise like it wants to kick over, but it will not start. The AAA guy checked the fuel pump and fuel line and they were fine. He looked over everything and said he cannot find out what it would otherwise. Everything else looks good. They also said it appeared that there seemed to be no spark getting to know the distributor cap (sorry if not the sense I’m learning a lot about cars this weekend.) I do not know what is wrong. I do not want money in an exchange of parts that do not need to be illustrated. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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    1. Achilles says:

      check your starter and/or flywheel

    2. doubleg.ariz87 says:

      alternator? did u check the tranny? are the wires ok?? how abt the spark plugs??

    3. Mike M says:

      If it’s not getting fire to the distributor it could be the coil or coil pack.

    4. [email protected] says:

      jeep = chrysler wich means bad make sel sell sell

    5. Nigel M says:

      The symptoms are consistent with the crank position sensor going bad.

    6. Seaya says:

      I had a car years ago that would stop right in the middle of driving, after waiting about 15 minutes it would start up. After taking it in to the dealer numerous times,it was determined the problem was the fuel injection. Sorry I can’t recall the particulars…it’s been at least 12 years ago.

    7. catty427 says:

      The fuses need checked first. After that it needs a scanner put on it (the computer that hooks in to your car) see what codes are there if any and that will clue you in to what is wrong.

    8. bundygil says:

      3 things are needed for a petrol motor to run. Fuel, compression, and electrical spark to the plugs. The fuel’s been checked. I doubt you’ve lost compression, so that leaves spark, which has been found to be missing. This can be either from a bad coil, or 12v power to the coil. First job is to determine if there is 12v power to the positive low tension lead to the coil. If there is, it’s the coil or distributor is faulty. If there’s not, it’s the fuse, coil relay, or the computer.

    9. Mr D says:

      turn it over about half a minute then smell the exhaust to see if you have the smell of fuel, if not the ignition control module(might be named different for jeep/auto parts store will know) is probably shot, it controls the fuel relay as well as the ignition system. have you noticed it running bad laterly and hard to start? i would go there first, mostly if there is over 100,000 miles on it because 1996 means it’s just about that time

    10. heather... says:

      My jeep did the exact same thing. It was the fuel pump, which something wasn’t connected to the fuel pump. But jeep had fixed it, and it doesn’t do it anymore. I suggest you go to jeep, and have them look at it. It cost me $560.00 to fix the problem , but it was worth it because it doesn’t stall anymore,

    11. eurometrix says:

      Dear mam
      All the answers make you more confused simple decision in service diagnostic will solve the problem,

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