1996 Chevy Silverado Wont Start When It Has Rained Outside

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My husbands truck trips usually quite good, except when we had a stir. It will not start. It cranks over, you can hear the fuel pump run and shut off. . so its always gas. Could it be a distributor cap and rotor. We have found that you need to run the rain, the windscreen and into the engine, because part of the blower motor is leaking water on the passenger side Diele.Anyway. . . Any ideas what it might not want to start after it rains? The battery jump lands need, because trying to run it. Thanks for any help.

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    1. Pedro S says:

      moisture in cap…time for full tune up….wires,,plugs,,cap,,rotor,,,air filter,,

    2. rcbbradley says:

      it could have a cracked distrubutor cap or if you had it tuned up lately they could have not tightened it up all the way

    3. Common Sense says:

      Sounds like you are correct..
      Water seems to be getting to the distributor cap…

    4. fixerupper says:

      I would check the cap and rotor for moisture. Replace if any found. Also i would check the coil. They are know for shorting in damp weather also. Hope this helps

    5. Meaghan says:

      Could be it but I would tow it and see what is up…I have seen a lot of Chevy’s that won’t start when it is humid out. I think it needs a new battery…

    6. mrfixit64857 says:

      Ddaringdave is correct. Hood seal needs replaced, and use 3m exterior weatherstrip adhesive to attach it. ALSO clean out the cowl vents (just below the windshield)… leaves and pine needles may have clogged under there, down the sides it’s supposed to drain through.

    7. brad4by4 says:

      i would check the distibutor cap could be cracked but you might not be able to see the crack also the coil wire i had a truck that would not crank when it rained and it was just a simple coil wire