1995 Volvo 940 Tune Up

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Time to do a tune-up on the old Volvo. It’s a ’95 940 non-turbo 2.3L US model. The distributor cap is mounted behind the motor, not next to it. Apparently to buy the correct distributor cap and rotor button I need to know if the car has a Rex or Regina system. I have no clue and don’t know how to tell. So can someone clarify for me the difference between Rex and Regina? I’ve made 3 trips to Advance Auto Parts and Autozone and they haven’t been any help in clarifying this for me. They have all said they don’t have the caps and rotors in stock, so I’d have to order them. I don’t want to waste time and money ordering the wrong parts. They are expensive!

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    1. hobbabob says:

      the two systems in question are: [bosch] or [regina commonly refered to as the rex system, this is a contraction of renault and bendix] both use the same distributor cap and rotor [bosch], however the coil wires are different,[ length overall and style of boot at coil end,] .
      how to tell the differance is pretty easy. the bosch system uses an air mass sensor inline with the piping from the air filter housing and has 5 or so wires in it’s quick disconnect.
      the rex has no air mass unit, but has a little 2 wire air temp sensor in the intake piping. it also uses a general motors MAP sensor mounted on firewall left of center [inside a tin box, shield] and has a small tube hooking it to the intake manifold. instead of using a normal looking ign coil [clyndrical bosch] the rex is a squareish unit with a special clip device to positivly hold the high tension wire on. [this style coil was also used on xj jeeps before chrysler got involved] plug wire sets also came in two flavors bosch and bougiecord, the bosch wires[big metal ends] must use spark plugs with terminals that unscrew [the threaded part of the plugs are used without the caps]. with bougiecord the caps must be either screwed on to the spark plugs or spark plugs with non removeable caps used
      i use bosch copper wr7dc plugs gapped @ 0.35″and avoid bosch platnium plugs altogether [wanna hear a saab story?]
      p.s. while not of any import to your question. no turbo cars were made[for the north american market at least] with the rex system, if you have a turbo car it is a bosch system.
      i am hoping that i have not further clouded your issues.
      good luck
      note a short 8mm combination wrench is pretty fast for removing the dist cap. sometimes the ign. rotor sticks to it’s shaft, be gentle removing it.

    2. biz1us says:

      You have a Bosch system. It’s very simple to see the different. Regina has a rectangular coil, Bosch has a round one. Go to my http://www.carsinflorida.com ^(http://www.carparts21.com/goto/http://www.carsinflorida.com) site and click on the Parts link. They have the right things for a low price. Other wise you must have bad luck with Advance. I use to find everything for my Volvo.