1995 S10 Checy Blazer Will Not Start. Turns Over Fine But Will Not Fire. 3.1 V6

Took the car in the class and it started and ran fine (no missing or sputtering and started fine) came out and it will not start. I think it is 2:01 tank. Tried with a few small splashes of liquid from (opened to start the air filter and injected into a person other than cranked IT) and will not fire. Took a spark plug and grounded and it does not seem to shoot. Also took the spark plug wires and grounded, and no spark. Attempted a voltage reading at the entrance of the coil and got 3 volts at start (not sure whether the test correctly). Are all parts of the test stores location, the coil or ignition module? How difficult the module is out? Any suggestions? It is my sons car in college, and he has just tools. But can it be a lot takle Arbeitspl√§tze.K√∂nnte, the coil or the ignition module and what is the best way to test this. If I do I’ll go there to get it (about 3 hours!) Any help would be apreciated werden.Vielen fix you for your support! Sorry I made a mistake, the Blazer is a fourth 3 L 3 does not. 1st . . . . I was working on various vechicles and made a mistake about the size of the engine!

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