1995 Honda Civic Running Poorly, Any Answers

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I have a 95 Honda Civic and it runs terrible. Althought it starts and stays on, when you push the gas, the car is very slow to take off. It also, takes a while to shift gears, and very hard to get up hills. The people I bought it from said they put a new engine and tranny in. I took a look at it and it looked fairly newer than the car. When I took it to the shop, they said it was the distributor and/or timing belt. I personally think its the fuel injectors, but I know very little about cars. Can anyone help me out here, before I spend over $500?
the check engine light is on and it does run rough. Also the enginge is a V-Tec

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    1. did_u_no_wrong says:

      Civic from that time period did have issues with the distributor, but it’s fine once you replace it.

      Civics are very good cars, so if it’s running poorly, something is really wrong.

      I think they’re right about the timing and/or distributor. These aren’t super expensive repairs. Just bite the bullet and do it.

    2. NoLedge says:

      doubt its the timing belt, but if its worn you better replace ASAP. if its a DOCH the engine will be shot if it snaps.

      it may be the distributor cap, unlikely its fuel injectors. does it run rough? is your check engine light on? also could be trans’s solenoid if its not shifting on time. need more info

    3. Chief78 says:

      If the distributor timing or the timing belt are off any then the car will be very sluggish. If you don’t have a good feeling about that repair shop then their is probably one just down the street.

    4. James M says:

      buy american

    5. kevusaborn says:

      Here’s my first thought . The old owners put a newer engine
      and transmission in it but, did they show you the paperwork from the engine swap, and was the light on right after the switchover. Is this
      why they are selling it to you..? Check to see if it was already done and done incorrectly. Do just a bit of backround check before letting your shop start switching out new and expensive repairs. I doubt it’s the injectors. I doubt the belt but it would be good to replace it if it’s old, not too cheap either.
      That distributor is going to set you back some bucks….
      so be sure the first time, that what you are about to replace will make the car run/perform better. Second guessing repairs could be costly to you…

    6. jose o says:

      If your engine light is on, confirm the error code for your car. You can either buy a Honda Civic service manual for instructions on how to do it yourself unless the shop told you what the error code that is associated with your engine light.

      This will help determine what your car’s computer has detected as existing problems. Then repost your error code to see if someone may have better ideas in finding a solution for you.

      Just from your description related to shift gears and very hard to get up hills, I would almost believe your clutch disc has finally worn out. My Civic 95 worn out several months ago (after 190k miles). Worn out clutch discs can cause difficulty getting into gear and poor acceleration. After replacing it, I’ve been back in business.

      But determine the error code for your engine light problem before looking getting any farther.

      Good luck!