1994 S10 Chevy Blazer Is Hard To Start In The Morning. After It Starts It Is Easy To Start All Day.

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  • The Blazer has a new fuel pump, filters, plugs, wires, distributor, coil, ignition module, the whole ball of wax. Once I do get it started it will start all day with no problem until sitting all night. Then it is hard to start again. I have 65 lbs of fuel pressure so it can’t be that. I brought it to GM and he put it on the computer and nothing came up. He said let’s start replacing parts and see what we come up with. At the money it would cost to find the problem no way.

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    1. Zac S says:

      Did you do a pressure leakdown test on your fuel system? As in put a gauge on it at night and then check the fuel pressure in the morning to see if it’s gone down. If it’s dropping, that could mean one of your injectors is leaking. I can’t remember if there is a check valve in the fuel pump to keep fuel from going back into the tank so if yours has one that could be bad too. Check your oil in the morning. See if it smells like gas. If it does, you know where the leak is.

    2. paul h says:

      Sounds like a leaking fuel pressure regulator or fuel bypass valve—one of which allows excess fuel to return to the fuel tank—any slight leak inside the valve will bleed off the pressure overnight causing it to start hard after sitting a while but start ok after that….I’d replace which ever one controls the return flow of fuel to the tank first. Won’t show up on a computer test as it’s not part of the closed loop system. Could also be a few injectors leaking down overnight as well if you have the multiport system—have them tested.

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