1993 Honda Civic Timing Problem

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With the timing belt off and the cam pulley alligned my rotor does not point directly at the number one plug wire terminal on my distributor cap. Rotor points slightly past it no matter which way I turn the distributor. And does the crank sprocket line up with the oil pump mark if with the crank pulley on it shows TDC on the timing belt cover.
when I line up the crank pulley mark the cam pulley alignment looks to be off by about a half a tooth. It does not look like a whole tooth. Timing belt is tight or could it just be stretched?

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    1. Donnie says:

      The crank will line up with the mark on the oil pump. The cam has an up mark on it and the two slots will be parallel with the head. The distributor can’t be off but 180 if it is. #1 is on the bottom left corner when you are looking at the distributor. Just make sure it’s at top dead center on 1

    2. Cleanincubus says:

      Are you aligning the camshaft pulley with the flatness of the head, or the protruding “notch” to the bottom left (directly below the pulley) on the cover? Like in this picture:
      http://spoony.20m.com/cam.html ^(http://www.carparts21.com/goto/http://spoony.20m.com/cam.html)

      The D15B7 and D15B8 cam pulleys have the left and right marks line up parallel to the head, but the D16Z6 and D15Z1 do it differently (the Z6 and Z1 do it differently from each other as well).

      Not sure I understand your other question. If you’re asking if the mark on the crank pulley is supposed to line up with the mark on the oil pump, then yes.

      Edit: Sorry about that horrible link, but that’s the only way it will let me post a picture on this. I tried photobucket, but I got an error when I tried to submit this answer.

    3. Fonzton says:

      That is because the there is more to the story than you understand. i will try to give a quick explanation, the spark plug doesn’t fire at exactly top dead center, it fires slightly before to create maximum down force on the piston. so.. with having that said… put it all back together and use a timing light and you should be good, can’t rember off the top of my head but i believe that the spark plug fires aprox 10 – 18 degrees before top dead center, and that would explain why they are never going to line up properly.

      hope this helps

      Ignition Timing:
      D15Z1 engine:
      M/T: 16°+/- 2° BTDC (RED) at 600 50 rpm (USA) or
      700 50 rpm (Canada)
      D15B8 engine:
      M/T: 12°+/- 2° BTDC (RED) at 670 50 rpm (USA)
      D15B7/D16Z6 engine:
      M/T: 16° +/-2° BTDC (RED) at 670 50 rpm (USA) or
      750 50 rpm (Canada)
      A/T: 16°+/- 2° BTDC (RED) at 700 50 rpm (USA) or
      750 50 rpm (Canada)

      turn distributor counter clock wise for advance, clockwise for retard… when looking at the spark plug wire connectors (or twords the passanger compartment is advance, twords the radiator is retard)