1992 Camry Bogging Down On Acceleration

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My camry has begun to bog down on acceleration. When it is idling it will sometimes continue fine, but other times it seems to idile irregulorly. At times it will die. The air conditioning has an effet. at stop lights if the air is off the car will pick up and go discently. If the air is on the car will seem like it’s losing power and sputter. We have replaced the timing belt, plugs and wires, distributor cap, intake filter, map sensor, and fuel filter. We are cluless as to what is wrong with it. We’ve had it checked out and there are no codes on the electrical system. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    1. [email protected] says:

      Sounds like a fuel delivery problem to me. Check the fuel pressure with a $25 guage vacuum/fuel pressure tester. Or if it is a mechanical pump on the engine (I dont know about imports) just replace it and go from there, inside gas tank fuel pumps are a pain in the butt, that why I say buy a tester first.

      Is your engine Idle High enough, to begin with? It should be around 700/750 rpms in park and about 650 rpms in drive.
      Try that and holler back.

    2. dodge man says:

      a weak fuel pump will cause the same thing to happen to it and they are hard to detect sometimes, you can have a fuel pump pressure check ran on it to help determine if thats it,it might help you in repairing it and save you from buying a lot of new parts for it that it might not need,good luck with it.