1990 Honda Accord Engine Died While I Was Driving Could This Be The Distributor Cap

Posted in Ignition Systems | Asked on Jun 18, 2010

1990 honda accord engine died while i was driving could this be the distributor cap?

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  1. Reverend G says:

    Could be a lot of things with no description of how the engine ran, noises, smells and sounds.

  2. William W says:

    Umm. Not enough information. Distributor caps generally don’t fail and cause an engine to die.

  3. Steven J says:

    Yes it can. The distributor cap decides which spark plug fires and when. They wear out. Inside there is a rotor that spins and sends electricity to the spark plug. The cap and rotor cost less than $30. And are easy to replace.

    Just get the new one lined up with the old one and change the spark plug wires one at a time. The cap can only go on one way. I would replace the spark plug wires and spark plugs to. All should be under $100.

  4. Wm Norvas says:

    1990 Honda Accords had a recall on the distributors. It could be the distributor. It could also be the timing belt. It could be the ECM. It could be a lot of different things. Does the engine crank over, when it does, does the distributor rotate. If not it would be a problem with the distributor. Start by checking the obvious. Get a manual and check out the trouble shooting section.

    Have a good one,


  5. Carrie M says:

    you might want check your fuel pump but it is real common on that year model for the distributor

  6. Braxton says:

    if it doesnt spark it could be dist usualy not a cap could be a relay
    if it doesnt have fuel could be ecm fuel pump or relay or fuse

  7. mister ss says:

    could be a lot of things, bad fuel pump, or an ignition problem where your not getting spark to the plugs, best to have a mechanic look at it.