1988 Chevy C1500 W/ 305 Timing Problems

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I bought this truck knowing that it had timing problems. I replaced the spark plugs, wires, distributor cap, and rotor. The 305 engine had a sporadic timing tick. After changing the distributor parts, the tick became constant. When I put on the new wires and plugs, I checked chilton, and found out that the wires were in the wrong order, so I fixed that, and the tick was still there.
It does ok in park or neutral as long as it is revved a little, but in gear, it will go, and sometimes die out, even with full throttle open. It will especially stall when I stop while in drive or reverse.
Does anyone know what is going on? What should I check or do next? Will I need to replace the timing chain? If you ask a question as an answer, please check back, as I will try my best to answer it by adding details.
There are about 220k miles on the odometer.

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    1. dannybaker910 says:

      Check the coil. Sometimes a crack can occur & that will be the ticking noise you hear.

    2. ponce_76us says:

      what exactly do you mean a sporadic timming tick, how many miles does it have, it sounds like you have to change yr fuel filter, its very difficult to tell you over the net, without hearing or driving the truck, but ill try.

    3. Mr. T says:

      Think the ticking noise you hear is the spark jumping. Make sure the wires are pushed all the way on the plugs.

      Check that the distributor is installed correctly:
      1. Remove #1 plug (driver’s front).
      2. Place a remote starter switch to the starter solenoid. (One clip on the battery lead & one on the small post closet to the engine block)
      3. Place your finger in the #1 sparkplug hole.
      4. Bump the engine over until compression blows on your finger.
      5. Align the timing marks @ TDC on the harmonic balancer.
      6. Remove the distributor cap.

      The rotor should be pointing @ #1 spark plug wire. If you look @ the cap, it to the right of the 3 wire plug from the distributor to the cap. If it’s not loosen the retainer @ the base of the distributor & slide back far enough to remove the distributor. When you reinstall the distributor apply slight downward pressure & turn the engine with the remote starter until the distributor aligns with the oil pump. Repeat steps 1 through 5

      7. Check the firing order 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 rotor turns clockwise. The numbers are stamped in the plastic plug wire that clips onto the coil on the cap.
      8. Set timing to 8º BTDC

      Good Luck. . .


    4. kenneth n says:

      YOur timing cant be that far off if it starts and runs. I think it sounds like a low fuel pressure problem. check your filter’s.