Whats Wrong When Gas And Flames Shoot Out Of The Carburetor Of A 350 Chevy

The truck had been sitting for a year, so i siphoned the gas out of the tank and refilled it, and it started just fine. Drove it down the road for a sec came back, parked, and engine was idling just fine. Shut it off and 2hrs later tried to start it and it wont. Has a all msd distributor, electronic ignition, coil, and Edelbrock carb and intake. While cranking it backfires through the carb, shoots gas out of the jets on top of the carb at regular intervals, and has also caught fire. It tries to turn over while cranking, but just wont quite do it. Has a hard spot in the cranking process that about brings the starter to a stop sometimes. Sounds like timing, cause i know its getting fuel. Just dont know where to start. Could it have jumped timing??? Just weird that the truck was just running fine.
I have taken the top off the carb and the floats seem to be fine. The distributor will not move if i try to turn it.

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