What Size Carburetor Should I Put On A Chevy Small Black With A 383 Stroker Kit

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I have a 1970 Chevy Nova 350 small block bored out with a 383 stroker. I need to put a new carb on, and would like some opinions as to what size carb I should put on. I am looking at edelbrock. I refuse to put a holley on, I have had nothing but issues with those carbs. Any information you guys can give to me will be greatly appreciated. Also, does anyone have any links to websites I can use to help determine the proper carb? Thanks guys

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    1. Thomas B says:

      Quadrajet if you are using the car for the street
      you can get some good gas mileage by disconnecting the linkage to the secondary and tweak the jets

    2. Pedro S says:

      I had a 600 edelbroc on my 350/trickfloww heads…worked..loved the edle….go for the 750….try summit racing they have a hotline for tech.jegs is also good

    3. Mclaren says:

      A good baseline formula is (displacement x rpm)/3,456, however this formula assumes 100% volumetric efficiency (VE). A strong street & strip motor will usually be somewhere around 85% VE, A race motor may come close to 100%. Take the results from the formula x your approximate VE. For example, if you plan to turn your 383 6,000 r.pm. max, and it’s a street and strip motor, 383 x 6000/3456 = 664.73 x .85 = 556.19 cfm air flow, so a 600 should work well. Most people vastly overestimate the size of the carburetor that they actually need which makes it almost impossible to get the air/fuel ratio correct. The maximum rpm is the biggest determining factor in the equation and since most street motors run flat tappet hydraulic cams which are limited to under 6,500 rpm even fairly large cubic inch street engines don’t really need all that much cfm.

    4. Ms_beehayven says:

      600 CFM max for a street engine….

    5. Bryan W says:

      Edelbrock 800 Thunder series should do nicely. Mclaren is right with the formula but it is hard to judge your efficiency of your heads/motor without more info. I have a 650 cfm on my 355 and that’s right on the edge with the rpm I turn.

    6. Electron670 says:

      I second the quadrajet. The ’75-79 units with electric choke are the best. Buy the book “how to rebuild and modify rochester Quadrajet carbs” Its the most under-appreciated carb out there because its hard to tune. But if you get it right, it’s got better performance, throttle response and fuel economy than any holley.

      And most Edelbrock carbs suck big time. They’ve got no secondary opening rate adjustment. The TVS or Thunder series are supposed to be better though.

      Not sure why you have problems with holley??? They suck fuel, but they’re easy to tune, and parts are common.

      A 383 street motor needs a 650 CFM. A drag motor where low-midrange throttle response isn’t important could use a 750 for peak HP.