Is My Choke Sticking

I am trying to figure out if my carb choke is sticking or is it something else? My 84 Chevy K10 has a crate 350 and the entire intake system is all Edelbrock. It has a 600 cfm Edelbrock Carburetor.
My truck has been doing this for a while but the other day is the lastest experience. It was below freezing (it has done this on warm days too) and I needed to go about a mile down the road. It was covered in ice but started as soon as I hit the key. I drove about a mile down the road and stayed for about 20 minutes. I got back in and it would not start. I eventually had to sit there with my foot to the floor for about a min just cranking it wide open before it sputtered to life. There was a strong smell of gas from under the hood so I know it is getting fuel. Basically about everytime I drive it and go to restart it acts like its flooded or something. Ive checked the choke before starting it and what not and found nothing. Is it the choke or what? If so what can I do.

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