How To Make Carbureted Car Start Easily In Cold Temperature.

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I don’t know anything about carburetors, but I have a straight 6 258 4.2l AMC with just the stock carb and a manual choke. It takes like 20 minutes to start even at just 50 degrees. I have a 71 Chevy Nova that I’ve had work done to (I don’t know what work) with a V8 350 and a 4 barrel Holley that starts right up, no problem in 10 degrees. Why does it start so easy? Is there some kind of kit that can be installed? There has to be??? I just want the AMC to start right up in the winter. The manual choke sucks!

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    1. ßÏ??? says: ^(

      You may need new plugs and HT leads.
      Also the timing of the engine may be out.

    2. Antiber says:

      Please do check to set of the choke system, it used to have a rich air fuel mixture to have easy start on cold weather. Set the choke adjustment point right in the middle of the adjuster. If the choke is already set, please do adjust the carburator air fuel mixture. Adjust the accelerator screw to reach 800 rpm, set the fuel adjuster ( small screw ) 2 turn anticlockwise from fully close, turn on the engine and turn the air screw ( big screw ) to reach peak rpm, adjust the fuel screw to reach peak rpm, and finish the accelerator to reach idle rpm. Do the treatment after make sure the carburator parts are clean, ignition timing is set correctly, air filter is clean, aprk plug is good. Quick full press the accelerator pedal to activating the choke, to avoid flood you can start a moment then press the choke activator.

    3. Michael says:

      With the starting that hard even at mild temperatures I think the ignition is just too wimpy. You don’t mention the year but I think all the AMCs used plain old Kettering ignition… points, condenser, coil. A good aftermarket electronic ignition would be a great upgrade. My son had a 1982 Subaru that just wouldn’t start in the cold and an electronic ignition fixed it completely.

      One point about electronic ignitions, though: if the car has a tachometer or if you are planning to add one be sure the ignition will support it.

    4. Bandit_60 says:

      I had a 70 AMC hornet once. to get it so it will start up good you need to make sure the choke goes closed when you first hit the accelerator and once it starts then the choke pull-off opens it some so it will sit and fast idle until you hit the gas again to go back to idle.