How Do I Adjust My Holley 4 Barrel Carburetor

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Where are the adjuster screws ? & how many are there???

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    1. Intelligent_friendlistener says:

      This question is a little too technical to answer in this space. This procedure is so critical to your being able to even start the engine if you mess up, that an answer may do more harm than good.

      Look in you local phone book and find a speed shop and go there and have one of the guys (or Girls) show you. It really is that critical.

    2. Master Of None says:

      On most Holley carb you have got two air idle screws they are on the side of the carb just behind the front fuel bole. their is the float adjustment on top of the fuel boles. and you have got a idle screw that’s on the throttle shaft. now on adjustment first the fuel boles if they have got sight glass they are clear plugs on the fuel boles the fuel should be just at the bottom of them if i doe’s not have site glass their should have plugs that you can take out. next the idle air you have to set them even so if you give left side two turn-es you have to do the same on the right how to adjust is ween the motor pick up RPM then turn the other side same a mount and that should be pretty close hope this give you some help but this is the basics