Choosing A Camshaft For A 350 SBC V8

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I have a 350 Small Block Chevy V8. My current mods are a Holley 600cfm 4 Barrel Carburetor, Edelbrock Air Cleaner, Edelbrock Performer Intake Manifold, and Headers. I am going to replace the stock Camshaft with an Aftermarket Camshaft. What would be the best type to really make it “thump”? I was looking around and I think these Cams made the best options: Lunati Voodoo Cam, Crane Cam, or an Xtreme Energy Cam. What should I get to make the motor “thump”? Thank you.

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    1. Steve P says:

      Comp 280 magnum is a great choice with your set up.

    2. Chevyraceman_383 says:

      Forget the sound for a min. Do you really understand cams?

      You have to match the cam duration very closly to compression ratio. If you install a cam thats bigger than your needs then you will bleed off cyl pressure and the engine will loose alot of low rpm torque, like feeling like a dog below 3500 rpm or so.

      To pick a cam, really need to know your compression, or atleast what year engine you have if bottom end is still stock.

      If its a stock low 7.8 to 8.5:1 350 then you can cam it like you want but trust me you won’t like the power out come of it.

      If its a low compression engine you need to stick with a short duration cam, like a 204/214* @.050″. This will make a world of diff in power but you will NOT get the wild sound your looking for.

      It takes a cam with around 218/226* @.050 to start hearing that lopey idle, but that size cam needs atleast 9.5:1 comppression to run right and make good power

      Now you can look around for like a 204-208 intake, 214-218 exhaust duration @ .050″ cam that has a tight 105, 106 or 108 LSA and that will give you alittle more lope to the sound over a common 112 LSA cam