Carburetor Replacement On 1964 V6 Mustang

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I need to know if a Holley 350 CFM Keith Dorton Series Carburetor will work in my 1964 1/2 V6 2.8 liter Mustang. The engine size is 170. I also have the choice to get a 500 CFM carburetor from the same series. Which would you prefer?

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    1. Don E says:

      Both carburetors are too big.It would be best to find a rebuilt stock or close to stock cfm carburetor.

    2. Estertbear says:

      No v6 “s in early mustangs , Straight 6 170 for 64 1/2 through early 65. then went to a Straight 6 200 . 6 main bearing as opposed to 4 on the 170 cid engine . recommend keeping it as stock as you can. its more appealing if you sell it in the future

    3. Scott M says:

      They are both way too large, you need a 150 CFM carb for that car.

      You can buy one here in order to keep the car stock: ^(
      Make sure you tell them is it for a 170.

      If you want to “build” it a little, I would suggest you move up to the 200 for the 7 mains. Put a 250 head on it (better flow) and go to Clifford for some “go fast” parts/header: ^(

      If you’re really serious, after you put in the 200, import a head from Australia that does not have the built in intake manifold and pick a free flowing intake that suits your needs.

      You can’t put in a 250 I6, it’s too tall.
      Moving to a V8 presents a whole lot more changes, I wouldn’t recommend it.

    4. Svoman says:

      Mustang didn’t get a v6 until 1974, so you don’t have one unless someone did a transplant.. and the stock 170 ci is not worth messing with, so just try to keep it running..

    5. Leanne says:

      A 170 early Ford six is not a V6 – but rather is a straight (in line) six with a one barrel carburetor, generally the Autolite 1100 which came in three different sizes for the 170, the 200 and the 250.