Carburetor Flooding And Not Starting

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I just bought the edelbrock carb #1406 and installed it. but when i try to start it, all it does is flood everything and spits gas everywhere and the engine wont start. its electric choke. please help!

There are 3 Answers for "Carburetor Flooding And Not Starting"

    1. Brother3 says:

      Most likely is the problems in your carb.If the needle valve not close proberly when the gas fill in the carb. then all gas will flood out.

    2. Misc 75 says:

      Sounds like the floats are stuck or way out of adjustment. If you bought it new ask the seller what to do cuz if you start messing with it they might not take it back. If you bought it used talk to the previous owner as he might now how to set it… if all else fails then talk to a mechanic or someone who has older muscle cars, the mechanic may not know much about carbs if he is fairly new but should be able to suggest someone who does.

    3. Grease Junkie says:

      The floats are stuck down or the needle and seat are leaking. Or you have an electric fuel pump that is driving too much pressure for the carb to handle.