1985 Dodge D150 Carburetor Power

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I have a 1985 Dodge Ram D150. It has a 318. Right now, it has a 2 barrel carburetor. I was going to put a factory 4 barrel intake manifold on it and an edelbrock 600 cfm 4 barrel carburetor on it. How much more power will this give the truck? Also, it’s a 3 speed. When you get on it, it won’t down shift to 2nd gear unless you’re going like 35 mph. Then it will stay in second until like 58 mph. Will the Carburetor help that at all? Thanks

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    1. Dodge Man says:

      Adding a 4 barrel to it will give it about 35 more horse power and on the shifting problem you can adjust the throttle pressure cable on it and fix that,if the cable or rod is broken though you,ll have to replace it,when they get out of adjustment the won’t shift right,good luck.