Explanation About Car Air Conditioning Compressor

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Locate the orifice tube and compressor for car air conditioner repair; learn how in this free DIY auto-mechanic video from our expert in automotive ac repair and maintenance.

Expert: Mark Delgado

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    1. david46774 says:

      have a question i have a 91 chevy lumina van the ac Compressor start to mess up then it was smokeing and i was like a red hot i heard that if ya unhook the power to it it well just spin free it that so till i can get it fixed cause i have no other car or way to work just wann no if i unhook it will it spin free and work ok ??let me no thanks

    2. WaltGe says:

      I’ve been fixing cars, air-conditioners and furnaces for nearly 24 years and the best way is read, ask and then do it. There is not a video in the world that will make a mechanic out of someone who’s not inclined to do the job.

    3. 67tr876 says:


    4. ryanlester1980 says:

      is it normal to hear a tick every 10 seconds or so whenever i have th a/c on?

    5. yourabuttkiss says:

      it is not normal to hear that so often that tick you hear is your ac comeing on and off

    6. lovemym16 says:

      you have a low charge

    7. trancefumes says:

      hey dude… how will i know if the blow of the compressor is still ok.. any tips??

    8. AndrCurrie says:

      Charge the system to the amount the car takes (theres usually a sticker saying for example 2lbs 12oz of R134a) and hook up your gauges checking for the right pressure on the high side as your compressor creates the pressure and there is no real test for flow.

    9. skatepunk2242 says:

      Lol this guy hates his job.

    10. Cambria2007 says:

      this guy has no idea how refrigerant works.