Wrong Transmission Fluid

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My friend has an 02 Chrysler Sebring, 70,xxx miles, auto transmission. He had his transmission oil flushed recently, a couple of thousand miles ago. Since then, his transmission has been acting up- the first time the car is started during the day, the transmission does not engage for the first few seconds.. rather it does so with a delay, be it forward or reverse.

So the car does not move AT ALL after you move the shifter until all of a sudden. This problem does not happen once the car is warmed up and does not show up the rest of the day. Transmission fluid looks ok and free from debris though I don’t know how it looked like before the flush was done.

I told him that the comedians who did the flush could’ve used the wrong type of fluid. I also suspect that the temperature sensor that disengages the tcc during extreme cold weather as a safety precaution has gone bad.. but then if it was the sensor then the car should at the very least move forward a little due to torque transfer via oil flux, right?
Any ideas?

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    1. Kyle says:

      Sounds more likely that it was Dirty fluid..

      Take it back to the people who flushed it.. Insist that they caused the problem and that they should Fix It..

    2. Bubba B says:

      Check the transmission fluid level when it is running

    3. doumbek says:

      If it was changed at a shop, it’s not likely they would have used the wrong type of fluid. Of all the mistakes they could make, this would be the least likely. Additionally, the wrong type of fluid won’t case this type of symptom.

      This is most likely a case of the friction bands going bad, or the pumps in the tranny are sticking.The torque converter is probably applying plenty of torque to the main driveshaft, but one of these two are not functioning engaging the gears.

      In either case, bear up for a major overhaul of the tranny. I simply cannot stand auto trannies, when they go, it’s always something like this.

    4. Matt says:

      GET OUT! I had an 02 intrepid that did this the next day after I bought it for my wife. I was working at the Chevy dealership, bought it from the Ford place (owned by same person). I took it back to Ford house, they sent it to Dodge, I took it to Chevy to let my co-workers look at it. Took it to transmission shop. Out of 4 shops nobody knew what was wrong. but someone did tell me after I got rid of it to replace the radio with a factory replacement. All the wiring goes thru it before it goes to the computer (dont know if that is true). But no you dont have a fluid problem. It is all electrical as with any dodge P.O.S.

    5. Richard S says:

      Your question proves my point that flushing the transmission is not a good practice. Have you ever been into a transmission shop and asked to see their flush machine? Do it and they will tell you that they don’t have one. This is their business and if it made sense, don’t you think that they would be the first to have one? The solvents that they use are so caustic that they do not provide sufficient lubrication in the valve body to protect the internal workings. Were talking very close tolerances and once a spool valve is scored, its done. There is no recovering from this type of damage other than to rebuild. I have always taught , drain and fill and when required, replace the filter. I hope you get the message and if you doubt that the correct fluid was used, do it yourself and learn a lesson the hard way.

    6. wildmanny2 says:

      Yes,the wrong fluid can cause this type of thing.I’ve seen it first hand.