Wrong Transmission Fluid

My friend has an 02 Chrysler Sebring, 70,xxx miles, auto transmission. He had his transmission oil flushed recently, a couple of thousand miles ago. Since then, his transmission has been acting up- the first time the car is started during the day, the transmission does not engage for the first few seconds.. rather it does so with a delay, be it forward or reverse.

So the car does not move AT ALL after you move the shifter until all of a sudden. This problem does not happen once the car is warmed up and does not show up the rest of the day. Transmission fluid looks ok and free from debris though I don’t know how it looked like before the flush was done.

I told him that the comedians who did the flush could’ve used the wrong type of fluid. I also suspect that the temperature sensor that disengages the tcc during extreme cold weather as a safety precaution has gone bad.. but then if it was the sensor then the car should at the very least move forward a little due to torque transfer via oil flux, right?
Any ideas?

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