Would A Bad Knock Sensor Make The Motor Rattle As If A Rod Was Bad

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I have a 1995 Toyota, which begins quite suddenly, the engine rattle, as the rod is bad, a bad knock sensor would it sound

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    1. Lover not a Fighter says:

      Engine knocks usually happen during acceleration – not during idle nor at cruise.

      Try some premium gas. If the knocking sound goes away, it is engine knock (and bad sensor).

      Good Luck…

    2. Alex W says:

      Well the whole purpose of a knock sensor is to send information to the ECU to prevent a knock condition. So yes, if your ECU cannot monitor a knock, it’s a possibility. However, you should have a DTC set and the check engine light would be on.

    3. Chad F says:

      No the sensor can not cause a knock sound.
      You may have a rod going.

    4. tallntrue56 says:

      No. the sensor will retard the timing to help prevent detonation and ping and the change is not audible .A rod knock has a very distinguished heavy sound-more like a hammer against steel which it kinda is. It gets worse at higher rpm when the oil is pushed out of the rod journal. This is almost always caused from a low oil level or loss of oil pressure and it just takes once to do the damage. Re-create the rattle and remove the plug wires one at a time with insulated pliers. The bad rod is the cylinder that the noise changes on. good luck