Would A Bad Knock Sensor Cause Your Car To Stall/shut Off At Times

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I got a engine light in my car a few weeks ago. I took my car to have a diaonostic performend. I had several codes.. a EGR sensor and knock sensor. I was tod the EGR sensor was probably causing the car to stall, since this part was the cheapest part to replace I replaced it but still had the same issue. Now the guy is saying it has to be the knock sensor. I’m having problems with my car shutting off at any given moment. Sometimes it starts right back up other times it make take a few mintues. I don’t want to spend anymore money or another sensor if it’s not the issue. It’s going to cost over $500 to replace the knock sensor. Please advise

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    1. Lover not a Fighter says:

      >> Now the guy is saying it has to be the knock sensor.

      I would get another mechanic. He is NOT making educated guess – he is just making wild guesses.

      The knock sensor is probably NOT the reason why your engine dies.
      You should know that engine knock sensor is something that should be fixed no matter what. It prevent engine detonation (which destroy the engine from the inside out).

      Look online (google search) and you can do it yourself – cheaply too. $500 for knock sensor is WAY over priced.

      Good Luck…

    2. Don W says:

      No the knock sensor will not cause a dying problem. You need to leave the car with a shop for extended diagnostics so that they can see what system(fuel or spark) is failing when it dies. Once that is determined they can then narrow it down to a possible fuel pump or ignition module or other spark related sensor.

    3. gary o says:

      Modern engines have a lot of sensors that provide input to your cars computer engine management system. Your problem could be the knock sensor or some other part related to this system. for example something as simple as a bad ground connection. This will prevent the right input to your PCM. Just need a good mechanic who understands engine electrical systems that uses a oscilloscope in addition to a scanner, which is not a code reader.

    4. dodge man says:

      if you got code for a knock sensor then you,ll have to replace it regardless of if that’s the problem or not,if you don’t replace it any mechanic will just be trying to work around that problem,and that’s hard to do,anytime you get code for a sensor and its bad replace it,have another shop check it and see what they say about it,i don’t see how it can cost 500 bucks to replace a knock sensor on it that’s way too high,get another opinion on it,good luck.

    5. baldie says:

      that sounds more like fuel problems. have the fuel pump checked for pressure and voluum, also make sure the gas cap is on tight, change the gas filter before you run a test on the pump, it might be clogging up too.