Why Won’t My 95 Chevy Suburban Start Back Up

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I have a 95 Chevy Suburban. Thought it was fuel problem, I took my fuel tank down and cleaned it. i blew my fuel lines, replace oil pressure switch, replaced both fuel pumps, fuel lines, fuel filter and fuel pump relay. I have good fuel flow all the way up to the Injector pump. however truck will not start. I can get it to start by putting fuel in the breather, but turns off as though it is not getting fuel. Prior to it turning not starting, we were haveing stalling problems. Now It will start run for 5 minutes turn off and then not turn back on for half and hour or so. PLEASE HELP ME.
Let me add details that I forgot to add….I have a 6.5 Turbo Diesel engine

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    1. James S says:

      Have you cleaned/replaced your fuel injectors? Because the 5.7L V8 was as common as wood pencils, injectors should be dirt cheap to replace. Maybe it isn’t getting enough fuel because the fuel injectors are not working right. Your engine in a throttle body fuel injection, so pouring gas into the intake manifold would work, as you saw. It probably turns off because the fuel you poured into it was burned-off and the injectors are not working enough/at all to keep it going.

    2. sara432134 says:

      coil packs
      no need to prime fuel injected self priming,
      check fuel pressure regulator

    3. wi_saint says:

      I suggest that you quit throwing money at it, and take it in to have a complete scan performed on it. (such as a Bear Scan)
      This will pinpoint any problems, and eliminate any guessing.

      My second thought is that IF you have fuel flow UP to the injector pump, then it is either your pump OR your injectors.

      Get it scanned and then fix all the problems that are found.
      (even soon to be problems)

    4. dodge man says:

      there’s a possibility that the injectors are clogged on it or the pressure regulator isn’t working right on it,when you pour gas in to it that proves it will run,its just not getting any fuel,this can also be a bad ecm causing this to happen it helps govern the injectors on it,if its bad it wont get any gas,it would be a good idea though to have it scanned before you buy any parts for it,those can be tricky ,good luck with it.

    5. Mohamad k says:

      starter or artillnater or battery or a fuse