Why Does Honda Civic Engine Keep Running Hot Is It The Thermostat

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Hi there-
drove my car through the desert, it took a little damage.
now it runs hot, like after 10, 15 minutes driving the engine heat runs into the red. it runs HOT, not overheating-
what happens then is that the radiator starts emitting steam and i need to pour in water to cool it down.

what is wrong with it, and what is the cheapest fix? i should note that the radiator does not draw water from the reservoir tank – it just gets the water real hot – and i have recently refilled engine oil and transmission fluid so that doesn’t seem to be it. is it the thermostat? if so how do i replace it and where is cheapest to get the part?

thanks mustange.
it was a whole host of problems i think that triggered. first it got hit from the front, so it got banged up and the fan wasn’t working for a while.
jury rigged the fan now, but one thing i’m noticing is that the radiator is not drawing water from the reservoir.
how do i isolate what the problem is, between all the different possibilities you mentioned?
do i have any chance of finding a good mechanic
by good i meant affordable
i think it has took some damage, but how do i know if it is worth repairing or a total loss?
i really need to revive this baby…

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    1. mustanger says:

      If the temp gauge is in the red and the radiator is steaming your car is indeed overheating, not just running hot. Many things can cause it. The radiator, hoses, thermostat, water pump, fan or some combination of those can be the cause. You say it took some damage. What was damaged? If it was the radiator that is likely the problem. You really need to have it evaluated by a good mechanic. Keep driving it like that and you’ll wind up with major engine problems or even a completely ruined engine.

    2. Wayne says:

      check your blower maybe its blowing on to reverse side it must be blowing towards the engine

    3. Michael says:

      Just a part of the answer – if the system is not drawing coolant back from the reservoir when it cools down (there is air in the top of the radiator) there is a leak somewhere. If the coolant is not disappearing (except what is being lost when it overheats) the main suspect is the radiator cap. That is worth replacing with a genuine Honda cap – aftermarket caps are awful – on suspicion. It may affect the overheating, too.

      If you have been adding tap water, the radiator is probably plugged by hard water deposits by now, too. That can be tested by draining the system, removing both big hoses from the radiator, and putting a garden hose in the top fitting. Water should run through freely no matter how much you turn the faucet up. If not, a new radiator is the only practical solution. If the water flows freely, look elsewhere for the problem.

      BTW – only once in my 35 years have I seen a thermostat cause overheating. Lots of bad radiators, lots of leaks, lots of fan troubles

    4. Mikaela P says:

      It could be a lot of things, check the following
      1. coolant leaks, hose, water pump and radiator
      2. clog radiator
      3. water pump malfunctioning
      4. bad thermostat
      5. fan not working properly
      6. loose belt
      7. low level of coolant
      Have this check. One of this might be the problem with your car. Hope this helps!