Why Does Honda Civic Engine Keep Running Hot Is It The Thermostat

Hi there-
drove my car through the desert, it took a little damage.
now it runs hot, like after 10, 15 minutes driving the engine heat runs into the red. it runs HOT, not overheating-
what happens then is that the radiator starts emitting steam and i need to pour in water to cool it down.

what is wrong with it, and what is the cheapest fix? i should note that the radiator does not draw water from the reservoir tank – it just gets the water real hot – and i have recently refilled engine oil and transmission fluid so that doesn’t seem to be it. is it the thermostat? if so how do i replace it and where is cheapest to get the part?

thanks mustange.
it was a whole host of problems i think that triggered. first it got hit from the front, so it got banged up and the fan wasn’t working for a while.
jury rigged the fan now, but one thing i’m noticing is that the radiator is not drawing water from the reservoir.
how do i isolate what the problem is, between all the different possibilities you mentioned?
do i have any chance of finding a good mechanic
by good i meant affordable
i think it has took some damage, but how do i know if it is worth repairing or a total loss?
i really need to revive this baby…

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