Where Is The Oil Pressure Switch / Sending Unit On A Chevy 350 Engine Any Takers

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Im trying to install a mechanical guages because mine dont work, i need to know where the oil pressure switch or sending unit is

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    1. Patrick M says:

      What year? They are usually near the back of the engine, sometimes near the oil filter.

    2. hurchelfox says:

      don’t know the year? behind the distrtbutor to the right,or just above the oil filter

    3. Lance says:

      Looking into the engine compartment from the driver’s side it is all the way back where the engine meets the transmission (bell housing), below the rocker arm cover.

    4. infoman6617 says:

      buy one they are easy to replace once you have it them you will see what it looks like and most are by the oil filter but some are up on top on the back of the motor a round the disturber

    5. Jordan says:

      look along the outer sides of the block…there should be either senders or switches already threaded into the block. most engines no matter who makes them have auxiliary oil gallery plugs in the block. usually 1/8 inch pipe thread. sometimes 1/4 inch…easiest way is to find one of those plugs or senders/switches, unscrew it…if coolant comes out, you’re at the wrong hole….look for wires or lines(if a mechanical guage is being used) coming off the engine block…

    6. Hall + Oates says:

      usually near the oil filter,

    7. edrambo51 says:

      Back of block behind distributor