Where Is The Oil Pressure Sensor/switch In A 350 Engine

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Ive got a 1990 GMC Sierra with a chevy 350 small block and i need to know where the oil pressure sensor/switch is so that i can replace it to see if it is the cause of my oil pressure gauge readings

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    1. matomotive says:

      It is on the top of the motor behind the distributor against the firewall it will have a wire or two on it and should be easy to find but hard to get at.

    2. Harley Drive says:

      on the older 350s it was screwed into the block near the oil filter housing

    3. strt_stone says:

      if memery serves me right its in the back of the eng behind the air cleaner more to the drivers side or it may be just off the oil fielter under neath your carbut it should be in one of the two places hopefully this is welcom e informastion it may also be in the front of the eng as well but in any whay its ina oil passage

    4. Handyman says:

      You should be able to find the oil pressure sensor on the side of the engine block ,it going to be close to the oil filter, which should be on the drivers side of the engine,.

    5. Willy P says:

      Oh my gosh you are really going to town on this truck. Behind the distributor like the first answer states. It should just unscrew. Im guessing you didn’t take my advice and purchase a Chilton’s manual for this rig yet naughty, naughty.

      You know you loose 5 points every time you ask a question?

    6. Carman says:

      The one that causes this and runs the gauge is on the lower drivers side by the oil filter housing. It has contacts that melt inside and give you erratic or no oil pressure readings.
      The one on the top that the other guy was talking about is not the right one. That’s the fuel pump/oil pressure switch that shuts off the fuel pump in case you have no oil pressure so you don’t burn up your engine.

    7. lagarbo89fxrs says:

      It’s on the driver’s side of the distributor, just behind the intake manifold. Usually a green wire going to it and sometimes rubber boot covers it. Since it’s accessibility is usually limited, using a special OPS socket (sold at most auto-parts stores) makes removal and installation easier. If you have access to a oil pressure checking gauge, then checking the pressure after removing the OPS would be your best way to see how accurate your cars gauge is. Good luck and hope this helps.

    8. chevyraceman_383 says:

      Wow I cant believe all the people saying next to the oil filter.

      On all gen 1 small block chevy engines the oil pressure gauge sending unit is at rear of engine, to the driver’s side of the distributor

      With the EFI engines, elec fuel pumps, etc that started around mid 80’s, Chevy put an oil pressure safty cut off switch on the engine too.

      This is the unit thats placed above the oil filter.

      Its to shut down the elec fuel pump if oil pressure goes below 5 psi