What’s The Maximum Power That A Chevy 350 Engine Can Produce, Naturally Aspirated

Without nitrous, supercharging, or a blower, what is the maximum about of torque and horsepower that a Chevy 350 engine can produce? Perhaps I need to be more specific, so let me set forth the parameters:

1. The engine must run on pump gasoline
2. Ergo, the compression ratio must be apx. 11:1 or lower
3. Any cylinder heads are acceptible- aluminum or iron
4. Boring out the cylinders is fine- 0.030, 0.040, or 0.060 over is acceptible
5. I prefer that the engine is not stroked to a 383 stroker, because I am more interested in the limitations of a 350 (but, again, it can be bored out)
6. Any camshaft is fine
7. Either fuel injection or carb is fine- though I guess using a carb may provide more HP
8. Any crank and connecting rods may be used- iron, aluminum, or steel
9. This can be a drag race motor, or a daily driver
10. No budget limit- no expense spared, if need be
11. Lifetime/lifespan of the motor can be anything- 10K miles, 50K, or 100K.
12. Reliability is preferred

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