What’s The Maximum Power That A Chevy 350 Engine Can Produce, Naturally Aspirated

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Without nitrous, supercharging, or a blower, what is the maximum about of torque and horsepower that a Chevy 350 engine can produce? Perhaps I need to be more specific, so let me set forth the parameters:

1. The engine must run on pump gasoline
2. Ergo, the compression ratio must be apx. 11:1 or lower
3. Any cylinder heads are acceptible- aluminum or iron
4. Boring out the cylinders is fine- 0.030, 0.040, or 0.060 over is acceptible
5. I prefer that the engine is not stroked to a 383 stroker, because I am more interested in the limitations of a 350 (but, again, it can be bored out)
6. Any camshaft is fine
7. Either fuel injection or carb is fine- though I guess using a carb may provide more HP
8. Any crank and connecting rods may be used- iron, aluminum, or steel
9. This can be a drag race motor, or a daily driver
10. No budget limit- no expense spared, if need be
11. Lifetime/lifespan of the motor can be anything- 10K miles, 50K, or 100K.
12. Reliability is preferred

There are 3 Answers for "What’s The Maximum Power That A Chevy 350 Engine Can Produce, Naturally Aspirated"

    1. yuan says:

      It is 360hp.

    2. tcv7755 says:

      i must disagree with the other answer. you can get MUCH more than 360 horsepower. i’d say probably 500, but there are always other ways.

    3. bigralso says:

      If no expenses are a problem then get a nascar engine I believe 355 cid at about 800 HP but wont use pump gas.But to be reasonable with a steel crank, aluminium rods and whatever pistons (assembly balanced and blueprinted) and heads give you the compression ratio you are looking for. A set of heads ported, polished and put on the flow bench (2.02&1.95 valves ) A roller cam of about 296 duration and .550 lift. Roller rockers, good intake manifold, eidlebrock 750 competion carb ( I am prejiduced could not to get a Holley to work as good and a lot easier to jet ) Once you figure out your components, put the engine together as if you are going for 8000 RPM reliability and never take it over 7000, will last for years. Put together a 327 similar to this and made over 1000 runs down the drag strip( 5 years of racing) and only ever had a rocker stud pull out. Put this engine in another car and raced it for 2 more years. This engine produced about 550 HP ,so reasonably you should get about 600. But most Hi Performance engine shops will all have their own ideas and that is a good place to start.Just do not make the mistake of over camming or over carbing the engine. Small Blocks RULE.