Symptoms Of Bad Oil Pressure Switch

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Can anyone tell me what the symptoms of a bad oil pressure switch (sending unit)?

I believe my car may have a bad one, but I want to be sure before I replace something that doesn’t need replaced.

Thanks in advance.

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    1. texasm says:

      It could be leaking. Or it could be shorted internally. Or it could be sludged internally. Or the wires that go to it could be shorted. All of these will send various erratic signals to the guage.

    2. dodge man says:

      you might notice a leak from it ,or a low oil pressure reading on the gage,you might also have the car die out at times,they don’t always leak when they go bad,they can just simply go out,usually though you,ll notice a drop in oil pressure according to the gage,if you suspect this is the problem just change it,their not that expensive,and they do go bad,sometimes,or you can have a shop check it to be sure about it,good luck on it.

    3. D'FACTS says:

      Oil pressure switch (sending unit) The wire going to the sending unit may have fallen off (no light,flickering light,improper gauge readings)The sending unit wire may be shorted to the ground.Check the action of the indicator or gauge,remove the wire from the sending unit,then touch it to a metal part of the engine,this will make the light glow or gauge reads maximum,if it does the sending unit is bad,if not then the circuit,indicator,gauge maybe faulty.Inspect threaded part of the unit,shd be no oil leak.