Rod Knock Question, Should The Connecting Rod Move Left And Right

I recently rebuilt my brothers engine with my neighbor, we put the bearings in and torqued it down… we put the engine in, and started and we heard a knock, definatly rod knock… we took off the oil pan and each rod moved left and right a little, but the 4th rod did it the most, what could we do to stop the knock. we put the rods on the crank in 0 degree temps, and now it warmed up… could that be why it happened?
as far as im aware of, you shoudnt beable to move the rods at all when there torqued on the crank… and the engine is a dodge dohc 420a from a eclipse
as far as i know, all we did to the crank was get it polished, my neighbor was really the one who called the machine shop, and no, i don’t belive we used a plastic guage.
well, there was a suspisous noise that kinda sounded like a knock, but its definatly a knock now

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