Regarding Yahama PW80 Dirtbike Engine Oil, 2 Cycle Or 2stroke, What’s The Difference

Posted in Crank, Oil and Piston | Asked on May 15, 2010

I have a Yahama PW80 (2001). The manual calls for 1 qt. Yamalube 2-S or air-cooled 2-stroke engine oil. Can’t get the Yamaha oil. Will any 2-cycle engine oil work? I think the oil is supposed to mix automatically with the gas. stroke vs. cycle ?

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  1. Van says:

    2 cycle oil you mix with the gas, and 4 stroke oil you put in the crankcase. i hope this helps.

  2. Firecracker says:

    2 stroke = 2 cycle. Two names for the same thing.

  3. sterling m says:

    any 2 stroke / 2 cycle oil will work

  4. Paul says:

    Any two cycle or two stroke (same) oil will work, but you probably shouldn’t mix synthetic oil with petroleum oils. Use one or the other. I THINK Yamalube is petro-oil.

  5. watty_ofthe_wattykins says:

    Just buy the premix so you don’t mess the mixture up. If you mix it wrong you can have problems.

  6. Chris Menges says:

    Some bikes (like our 2006 PW80) have a separate 2 cycle oil tank so no premixing is required (it automatically injects when engine is running). Only pre-mix if your bike doesn’t have this feature. On our bike this tank is under the seat and there is a sight gauge on the side just below the seat.